My IVF Journey

“And sometimes,
against all odds,
against all logic,
we still hope.”

  • Pregnancy symptoms during first trimester

    5th Sep 2020 by

    I have been so so so lucky so far in this pregnancy in regards to symptoms! I have read it’s really common to suffer more with morning sickness, fatigue etc in a twin pregnancy more than you would with a singleton. But I genuinely have had no real sickness what so ever. I haven’t actually… Read more

  • First trimester screening results

    5th Sep 2020 by

    I haven’t really been thinking much about this to be honest! But when the letter came through I felt really nervous! Will rang me whilst I was driving home from work and said I had a letter and do I want him to open it. I was like nooooooo that’ll be the screening results let… Read more

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