My IVF Journey

“And sometimes,
against all odds,
against all logic,
we still hope.”

  • 9 week scan…

    9th Aug 2020 by

    Look how big they are at 9+5!!! I was so relieved, Will was confident everything was fine but I was just scared that they would scan me and find nothing because of my lack of symptoms. But there they are! Both growing exactly how they should be with heart rates of 170 and 171! We… Read more

  • What happened between 7 and 9 weeks

    9th Aug 2020 by

    Well obviously I worried the whole time and had times where I convinced myself the twins weren’t alive anymore. The 7th week seems to be the only time I really experienced proper ‘pregnancy’ symptoms. I felt really sick this week, with the urge to throw up, I didn’t, but thought I might a few times!… Read more

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