My IVF Journey

“And sometimes,
against all odds,
against all logic,
we still hope.”

  • Treatment has commenced!

    24th May 2020 by

    Much earlier than we all thought too!Thought I would atleast have a treatment free birthday this year, but I can’t moan! I had a phone call on May 14th from clinic to ask what cycle day I was on, I was on day 20. As treatment for a fresh cycle starts on day 21, they… Read more

  • A waaaay overdue update!!!

    9th May 2020 by

    First off, sorry I haven’t posted in so long!We have been so busy, with moving house, I got a new job as a care coordinator/supervisor (which is so different to what I’m used to!) then with all this coronavirus malarkey time has just ran away from me. Last time I posted I was due to… Read more

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