My IVF Journey

“And sometimes,
against all odds,
against all logic,
we still hope.”

  • 35 weeks – c section date

    4th Feb 2021 by

    As I am sitting here writing this, we have exactly 11 days until our c-section date. 15/02/2021 I am so excited to meet them, but I have to be honest I feel sick to my stomach everytime I think about that c-section. I am so scared. I’ve never had any kind of surgery before, apart… Read more

  • Admitted to hospital

    4th Feb 2021 by

    So at 34+4 I noticed again that movements were very quiet. This time from both babies, I wasn’t feeling much of anything. I had felt the odd subtle movement here and there, but that was it. Definitely nothing like their usual movements. As soon as Will got home from work we went straight in, with… Read more

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