The dreaded injections!

Our first injection, with Will’s help of course!
Excuse the terrible quality, he’s not the best at taking pictures!

So after 3 weeks of nasal sprays, on February 5th, I had an internal scan (you’ll have MANY of these if you are/will ever go through IVF) to check that my ovaries were, how they would describe “nice and quiet” meaning they were not producing any eggs. The fertility specialist was happy that my ovaries were quiet and so we were told we were ready for the next stage of our treatment…

On February 7th we done our first injection!
I was sooo nervous to do the injections, but actually, I barely felt anything! I think it’s just the fact that you have to inject yourself is what’s scary. Plus it’s not exactly enjoyable, but I definitely thought it would be much worse than it was. Also, I still had to continue with the nasal sprays, but my dose was reduced from 2 sniffs 4 times a day to 1 sniff 4 times a day. And thank God, my nightmares stopped!

8 days later, on February 13th I had an internal scan to see what my ovaries were doing and how well I was responding to treatment. The past few days I was starting to feel a bit of discomfort on my lower left side, I told our fertility specialist this, assuming it was something to do with my ovaries being stimulated. She told us that she wasn’t expecting to see much on the scan, this was just a simple check up to see how I was responding to the treatment. So we were not to worry if the scan didn’t really show anything.
So she went on to scan me and found my left ovary was producing some eggs, also the right side but not as many. She went on to book me another scan in 2 days to check on them and to make sure I wasn’t over-stimulating.

February 15th I had another internal scan to have a look at my ovaries. My pain on my lower left side was really uncomfortable now! I found it really painful to bend in certain positions, like putting socks on. It sort of felt like a stitch that never went away.
They told me my left ovary was very full, which explained the pain. They explained that in a normal menstrual cycle, a woman would produce only one egg, with the follicle (the bag of fluid the egg is in) measuring roughly 2cm. So for me, it was like having a small bunch of grapes on my left ovary! They counted around 10 follicles just on my left ovary and around 6 on my right. Though the ones on my right were quite small and so most like weren’t maturing well.
Nonetheless, the clinic was happy with the amount and quality of follicles I had and so booked me in for egg collection.
You can read my experience on egg collection on my next post 🙂

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