Egg collection!

So, I cannot even begin to tell you just how nervous I was for egg collection! (I worry about anything and everything and nothing) For the procedure, they use sedative drugs to ensure you don’t feel any pain and don’t remember anything.
I have luckily never had an operation or been sedated ever before, so I was soo scared because I just didnt know what to expect. Also, the way in which your eggs are collected doesn’t sound too pleasant! They basically use an ultrasound probe, like they do with internal scans, and through that they insert a needle through the vaginal walls to collect the eggs! Sounds quite painful to me! Anyway, we’ll go into that in a sec…

The trigger shot

On February 16th, we were instructed to do our trigger injection (to mature my eggs ready for fertilisation) at precisely 20:25, along with a final sniff of nasal spray.
We were booked in for egg collection on February 18th at 9:25 at Oxford fertility clinic.

So that morning, they done all their checks to make sure I’m fit and healthy, aside from being a nervous wreck! They took me into theatre, which was a VERY clinical and scary room! I got onto the bed, wearing just a hospital gown and my socks (my feet get cold!) and was instructed to put my legs up into the stirrups, where they were strapped into place so I couldn’t move them. At the bottom of the bed they had a hatch in the wall which opened and an embryologist poked her head in to check all my details, not sure what view she had, probably not the prettiest but never mind.
So the anesthetist came in and I told him straight away that I was really nervous. He made me feel at ease straight away! He was really kind and bubbly and just made me feel really relaxed! Whilst chatting to me he put a cannula into my arm and injected the sedative, which I didnt know he’d done! A few seconds later everything started to go blurry and I remember turning to him saying “my eyes have gone funny, is that normal?” and he said “oh yeah!” and that was it! That’s all I can remember until I woke up!

Loving the coffee and biscuits!

I woke up in our own private side room, with Will stood at the bottom of the bed staring at me as if I was something out of a horror movie. My eyes were blood shot and watering like crazy!
Because I was still heavily sedated I found it really hard to move, so all my movements were a bit ‘grudge’ like! They bought me in a much needed coffee and some biscuits, and by the time I’d had that I had come around fully and was actually able to hold a conversation without forgetting what I’d said every 0.25 seconds!

Our dog Blue looking after me

They told us they had collected a total of 18 eggs! They said they would keep us updated over the next few days in regards to fertilisation.
So we were sent home and I was told to rest up as I would probably feel a bit sore, which I did! Just to try and repostion myself in bed was really painful in my lower stomach, and I didn’t dare cough or sneeze!
But it’s not like this for everyone! I know some people who have had egg collection and gone back to work the same day without experiencing any pain at all!

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