Embryo transfer!!!

February 22nd, we arrived at Oxford Fertility Clinic at around 9am.
For embryo transfer you need to have a full bladder, which I found SO difficult. Mainly because I was still very sore from egg collection (egg collection was only 4 days prior to embryo transfer!) and having a full bladder just added to the extra pressure down there and made it really uncomfortable. Also, after having egg collection the follicles where your eggs once were fill back up with fluid – so you’re sore from being jabbed numerous times through your vaginal walls, plus bloating causing added discomfort because you still feel like you’re full of eggs (just call me mother hen) aaaand a full bladder. It’s just not a great, or comfortable combination!
Oh yeah, and progesterone pessaries….absolutely vile things! But I wont go into detail and put you off your tea.

So in pain and desperate to pee, we’re called through for transfer! The embryologist tells us that we have 3 blastocysts (embryos that have made it to day 5 and cells are beginning to divide and multiply) so we are having 1 blastocyst transferred with 2 suitable for freezing.

This is the part where all dignity goes out of the window. And discomfort get worse!
Naked from the waist down (apart from my socks of course) I was lay on the bed with my feet up in stirrups. I had one lady stood at my side with an ultrasound scanner trying to get a good view of my uterus and putting IMMENSE pressure on my tender stomach and full bladder (like, she was using 2 hands!). Then the lady with the unlucky job of being face to face with my vagina (literally, she raised the bed so they were at eye level) put in a speculum and opened me up until everything she said echoed, then threaded a catheter through my cervix into my uterus. Sounds delightful doesn’t it?
So let me just break it down for you – still sore from egg collection + fluid filled follicles and bloating + full bladder + lady pressing FIRM on my bladder to see my uterus with ultrasound + speculum splitting me in 2 + catheter through uterus causing cramps = an absolutely glorious experience!!!

The best part that made it all worth it though, was watching the fluid that contains your embryo pop out of the catheter into your uterus. Makes everything feel real, like that might actually grow into your very own baby!

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