Fertilising my eggs using the ICSI method

For those who don’t know what ICSI is, it stands for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. It’s a different method of fertilisation used when the quality of sperm is poor and would be unlikely to fertilise the egg alone due to the sperms not swimming properly. So instead of the standard IVF method, which is where they put the sperm and egg together and let the sperm fertilise the egg naturally, they choose a single, strong looking sperm and inject it directly into the egg. This is of course the method we needed to use to give us the best chance of fertilisation. Embryo transfer was booked for February 22nd.

The day after egg collection, we had a phonecall from the clinic to say that 10 out of 18 eggs were successfully fertilised, we now had embryos!
A couple days later, they called to update us on our embryos. We had 3 embryo’s which were doing really well, the rest weren’t doing so well and we were told the wouldn’t be suitable for transfer and so they were discarded. But hey, we had 3 really good embryos, so things were still very positive!
Read my next post for my experience with embryo transfer 🙂

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