The 2 week wait…

Another from our scrapbook

It wasn’t actually 2 weeks, it was 11 days. But oh my god, this was by far THE hardest part of the whole process!
Throughout the whole 11 days, every spare second I had, I would be researching. Signs and symptoms of pregnancy, what to expect after embryo transfer, what is the success rate of embryo transfer, if I sneeze will it disturb the embryo, foods to eat/avoid after embryo transfer, the list goes on. I read every online forum I could find where others had shared their IVF experiences and pregnancy symptoms.

Things like this helped keep me occupied during the 2ww haha!

Here’s a piece of advise from me… If you’re ever unfortunate enough to have to struggle with infertility and go through IVF (I truly hope you never have to)
I can’t stress enough just how anxious this made me feel, and I was doing it all to myself! From the second I woke til I eventually fell asleep at night, my mind was a whirlwind of ‘what if’s’. Going from being utterly convinced it would work this time and that I was definitely pregnant to being in tears because I’d now convinced myself I’m never going to have children and I would live the rest of my life in misery in a matter of minutes (if you couldn’t tell, I’m quite a dramatic person).
And it’s surprising just how much of an impact other peoples stories you read influences you into believing ‘well, it happened to them so it will happen to me’ whether the stories had a positive outcome or not.

These 11 days were probably the longest and most anxious me and Will have ever lived!

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