Follow up appointment and what will happen next…

I had my period, we were down in the dumps for a few days, then we picked ourselves back up. We still had 2 more cycles funded, and 2 embryos frozen. Which meant that I probably wouldn’t need to stimulate again (YES!). So we tried to remain positive and looked forward to our next cycle. After all, we were incredibly lucky to have these cycles funded to us (it’s postcode lottery when it comes to funding for IVF, which is just so unfair! I mean, who asks for infertility???).

So March 15th we celebrated Will’s 31st birthday and enjoyed a meal out with family.
It was so nice to just forget about IVF for a while and feel like somewhat ‘normal’ people again.

Will’s birthday meal

March 27th came around and we had our follow up appointment with our fertility specialist.
We spoke about the cycle and she went on to tell me that I responded very well to treatment and that she thought it was just really unlucky that it didn’t happen for us this time. Our plan for the next cycle was to have a medicated frozen transfer, this was because my periods were very occaisionally irregular and so they decided this would be the best treatment option for me.

Now all we had to do was wait until my 3rd period since the pregnancy loss. So 2 more periods to go until our next cycle…

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