Official test day!

So I’m not going to beat around the bush, I did an early test around 9 days after transfer. I couldn’t take the torture of waiting anymore, and I’d read online that after 9 days there would be enough HCG in your system for a home pregnancy test to pick up. What ultimately made me test early was that I’d been spotting for the past 3 days, and read that this could be implantation bleeding. So instead of allowing myself to believe I was pregnant when I might not be at all, I decided to just do a test and put myself out of my misery, if it was negative then I could relax a little and stop looking into every symptom.
So whilst Will was at work, I nervously took a FRER test (first response early recognition) as they’re meant to be the most sensitive at detecting HCG. And I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, there was 2 pink lines!!! It was VERY faint, but obviously there! I was SO exctied and shaking like a leaf! I rang Will whilst he was at work and we were both elated!
However, I was still a bit nervous because of the spotting. But that test gave me sooooo much hope!

Anyway, I continued to test up until our official test day – all being faint positives.
So on test day, we woke up around 6am and used the test provided by the clinic. As usual, we sat staring at the test for the full 3 minutes that you have to wait.
Nothing. There was only 1 line.
We were devastated. After the faint positives we had, everything looked great.
I spent the next half hour sobbing in bed, whilst Will lay next to me being the strong one as usual. Comforting me and telling me everything would be okay (how lucky am I to have someone like him?)

Our SUPER faint positive ft Will’s hairy leg haha

He then got up to go to the bathroom and had another look at the test, which had now turned POSITIVE.
Now we were both SO confused, however the line was SUPER faint, so we weren’t filled with confidence just yet.
Will shoved some clothes on and drove round the corner to tesco express and bought 2 clearblue pregnancy tests.
They were both positive! We could not believe it!
We rang the clinic when they opened and told the fertility nurse the result of our pregnancy test. She congratulated us, but I explained I was concerned as I was still having some spotting and the lines were very very faint. She reassured me and said a positive test means you’re pregnant, no matter how faint and as long as I’m not bleeding heavily then not to worry and that we were 4 weeks and 2 days pregnant!!
To write those words in my diary, “4 weeks 2 days pregnant” it was the best feeling ever. We tried really hard not to get too excited too soon as we knew there was still plenty of room for things to go wrong, but it’s so hard not to get excited. It’s all we wished for after all!

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