Embryo transfer no.2

June 13th came around and we were sat waiting to be called through to have a frozen embryo transfered.
It was much easier for me to have a full bladder this time without the pain from stimulating and egg collection, however I think I was a bit toooooo keen on having a full bladder because I was bursting!

They called us through, I got naked from the waist down and hopped on the bed. The fertility nurse began using the ultrasound scanner on my lower stomach to find my uterus, just the pressure of the scanner made me feel like I might wet myself!
The other fertility nurse who would be transferring the embryo inserted the speculum and began transforming my vagina into a cave, which is SO uncomfortable when you’re bladder is full! I really had to concentrate not to wee!
As she began passing the catheter through my cervix into my uterus, the nurse scanning my said how full my bladder looked and was showing me and Will the trickles on the screen where it was still filling up! How I was still holding it is a miracle!

Anyway, the catheter was now in my uterus and they brought through our little embie baby! Then we watched on the screen as the fluid which contained the embryo, popped out of the catheter and was in my womb!

Our post embryo transfer selfie!

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