Internal scans and my side effects to medications.

May 31st we went for an internal scan to measure the lining of my womb.
The scan showed I was measuring just under the required 8mm at 7.6mm, so they decided to double my dose of oestrogen tablets from 6mg a day to 12mg and booked another scan for June 7th.

Those oestrogen tablets made me feel like absolute shite! From the day after starting my increased dose, I was feeling permanently sick. Like hot and sweaty, might throw up right now kind of sick. I wasn’t actually sick, but I felt absolutely awful. I found it really hard to eat anything because I just felt like I wanted to be sick. The only thing I managed to munch on every now and again was marmite cashew nuts!

We had our 2nd internal scan on June 7th to measure the lining of my womb again, which showed I was now ready for embryo transfer!
Now to start those nasty pessaries again!
Embryo transfer was booked for June 13th!

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