DNA fragmentation test results…

The day after our negative pregnancy test result, it suddeny dawned on me and Will that we never had his results for the DNA fragmentation test on his sperm. We both assumed that no news is good news so we weren’t worried, but decided to phone Oxford fertility and just confirm that everything was fine. Seeing as now we’ve had 2 failed cycles and couldn’t work out what could be going wrong.

Will had a call back from one of the spermologists, I know that’s not a term, but I don’t know what he’s called, who went on to tell him that he had some bad news.

Will’s results showed that the majority of his sperms DNA was framgented, which leaves us at high risk for IVF failure and miscarriage.
He advised that we discard our 1 remaining embryo, for Will to go on antioxident therapy to help decrease the amount of fragmented sperms, and do a fresh cycle using a new method called PICSI. It’s basically the same as ICSI where the sperm is injected into the egg, but with PICSI, they first place the sperm into a dish with hyaluronan enzyme, which acts like a magnet to attract the strongest healthiest sperm. This enzyme allows for the sperm to bind to this layer, and by the sperm binding to it allows the lab to have more than just a visual choice of selection. Sperm that binds to the hyaluronan show improved DNA integrity and fewer DNA mistakes than those that do not bind. So of course they would choose these sperms to fertilise our eggs. He also recommended have Wills sperm surgically removed, as this can also reduce the risk of fragmented sperms.
Wow. What a lot to take in right?
We wasn’t expecting there to be anything wrong, seeing as we weren’t contacted!

So we then phoned the clinic, who suggested we speak to our fertility specialist at our follow up appointment about future treatment plans.
She also strongly advised that we attend a counselling session, as we were quite negative about the whole situation. Especially after finding out we’d been left in the dark about Will’s DNA results!
So we decided to take the counselling session, we got 1 hour free with our funding.
Maybe it would make us somehow feel more positive about the whole situation.
We shall see……

2 thoughts on “DNA fragmentation test results…

  1. Wow! Glad you guys followed up. This process can be so long and sometimes it seems like such a waste of time. But I hope you feel peace and contentment even through this struggle. I’m sending you a hug and wishing your hubby the best as he takes care of himself for the next step.

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