Onto our 3rd and final funded cycle

Bloody hell. This is scary stuff. If it doesn’t work this time around, we have to pay. A LOT of money.
Don’t get me wrong, we both feel incredibly lucky to of had 3 cycles funded to us, seeing as it all depends on where you live as to how many cycles are funded to you, if any!
But, as with many people, we are no where near having the funds to be able to afford to pay for IVF, so all of our hope is going on our 3rd cycle. God knows what we will do and how we will afford IVF if it doesn’t work this time.
We’ll just have to cross that bridge when/if it comes to it.

On July 30th, I started on the injections and tablets again and we had a scan booked for August 9th to check the lining of my womb was thickening ready for transfer.
Those progynova tablets make me feel horrendous! I just feel like I need to be near a toilet at all times because I feel I might be sick at any moment! Even though I never was sick, I was on the verge ALL the time! The most horrible feeling.

So August 9th we had our scan which showed I wasn’t ready for transfer yet because the lining of my womb wasn’t thick enough, so they doubled those bloody progynova tablets again like they did last time and booked us another scan for August 16th.

We made the most of the beautiful weather sat in a pub garden which overlooks the River Severn, with an orange henry!

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