Embryo transfer no.3


We had our second scan on August 16th which comfirmed the lining of my womb was thick enough for transfer.

August 23rd, we arrived at the clinic for around 11am. Yet again, I had gone over the top with the water and my bladder was full. to. the. brim. I just can’t seem to get the amount of water I need to drink right!
They called us through, the embryologist came in and told us that our embryo was doing really well and is continuing to multiply and divide following the thaw. So that was really reassuring to hear!
I won’t bore you again with the graphic details of the procedure, if you wan’t to know all the graphics then you can read them on my previous embryo transfer posts.

By 12:30 it was all done.
That was it, if this doesn’t work then I better start playing the lottery!

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