Following our 3rd IVF failure

On October 2nd we went to see our fertility specialist to have our final follow up appointment and discuss what we can do next.

We sat and spoke about our previous cycles, and she told us there are many things that could be causing our cycles to fail and that we may never find that ’cause‘.
However, she seems to think it’s most likely down to Will’s poor sperm quality and high DNA fragmentation which can cause chromosomal abnormalities in the embryo causing IVF failure.
We did also discuss the fact that there may be nothing clinically going wrong other than it’s just not working.

Our plan

Our fertility specialist advised that Will should take antioxident medication to reduce the amount of fragmented sperms for at least 3 months.
Then to have his sperm surgically removed, which is supposed to further reduce the amount of fragmented sperms collected.
Then once eggs are collected and fertilised, to have their genetics tested. This involves having a biopsy from all successfully fertilised embryos and then freezing them. Any embryos that come back abnormal will be discarded, and all genetically normal embryos will be suitable for transfer.
We have found a somewhat reasonable price plan through access fertility, I will talk more in depth about what this involves and prices on my next post.

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