Access fertility price plan

When it comes to paying for fertility treatment, it’s obviously not cheap, and no matter how much you shop around you’re not going to find anything that fits within your budget unless you’re lucky enough to be well off financially.

We came across Access Fertility a while ago when we had our counselling session at Oxford, which offers a refund if you don’t have a baby.

We got in touch with them and we had to have a medical assessment and they looked into information about our fertility from our fertility clinic to determine what we would be eligible for in regards to treatment programmes.
There best programme they had to offer was 2 years unlimited cycles and a 100% refund if you didn’t have a baby, costing £16,000. Pricey, but all your money back if you didn’t have a baby.

We waited a couple of weeks to find out what we were eligible for.

They told us we didn’t meet criteria for the 2 years unlimited cycles programme because we have already had 3 failed cycles.
They were able to offer us 2 full cycles (full cycles meaning a trasnfer doesn’t count as a cycle, only the stimming and egg collection. So for example you stimulate and produce 18 eggs, 10 are appropriate for transfer, you have them all trasnferred but none resulted in pregnancy, that’s 1 cycle gone, a full cycle) costing £12,600 and if we didn’t have a baby we would have a 50% refund, or 3 full cycles for £13,600 and again a 50% refund if we didn’t have a baby.

We decided to go for the 3 cycles, which will cost £13,600. Just makes more sense to pay the extra £1000 for an additional cycle seeing as one cycle alone would cost us around £5000 or more!

On top of that, to have Will’s sperm surgically removed will cost around £2,500.

To have the genetic testing on our embryos will cost around £3,500.

THEN this is the part that shocked me the most… £300 EACH to have our bloods done!!!
£300!!! JUST FOR BLOODS!!!
Thats £600 for both of us!!!
Really puts into perspective just how lucky we are to have the NHS! Because that is a bloody expensive bruise!

So yeah, altogether we’re looking around £20,000 for our treatment.
£20,000 we obviously havn’t got.
But we are incredibly lucky to have relatives that are kind enough to be loaning us some of the money.

IVF is hard enough as it is, but having to pay for it adds so much more pressure and stress and worry to the situation. And when you don’t have the funds, you now have years worth of debt to worry about as well.

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