What’s happening now???

I have fiiiiiiinally caught up to the now!
I have only just started blogging, so up until now I have been writing about what has already happened…
But from now on I will be writing in the ‘now’, so instead of trying to remember the way I was feeling and exact details of what happened it will all be fresh in my mind and what I’m going through right now!

And right now, we have had to pay £300 for Will’s bloods to be taken in preparation for surgical sperm retrieval. His bloods were taken yesterday at Oxford fertility clinic, so we’re just waiting for results before we can book the procedure.
The bloods are to check hormone levels and to ensure he has no disease or infections.

We will be booking the procedure for around mid January, as by then he will have been on the antioxidant medication for the recommended 3 months.

I will keep you posted on what we’re up to in the meantime…

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