It’s 2020, finally!
What an awful year 2019 was, every step forward we took came 2 steps back.

Anyway, I know I’ve been quiet with this blog since my last post. Purely because nothing has really been happening on the IVF front. We’ve just been saving, saving, and more saving. But now we’re into 2020, we can get the ball rolling again and hopefully have a bit more luck than we did last year.

Will’s SSR procedure (surgical sperm retrieval) is booked for January 23rd, which he’s being an absolute cry baby about and I’m secretly looking forward to it ;).

And that’s all that’s happening at the moment!
We’ve now paid the £13,600, which we didn’t realise DOES NOT INCLUDE MEDICATION!

Just when we thought we had everything organised, they decided to tell us at the time of payment that the £13,600 does not include ANY costs of medication and the cost of meds can cost anything between £1000 – £2225 per cycle.
Well that was just great news.
As if we had the audacity to think that we were financially organised, pfft!

Sooooo, I will keep you posted on Will’s SSR.

Happy new year to you all x

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