Change of plan…

surgical sperm retrieval didn’t happen.
Here’s to yet another 2 steps back.

I will try to keep this as simple as possible, as it’s quite a long story.
But basically, Will rang the clinic a few days before the procedure date to check what time he needed to be there for. He had also been researching about some blood pressure medications that he takes and their affect on sperm, so whilst he was on the phone he asked if all of his medications are ok to be taking and do not affect his sperm.
The fertility nurse claimed she didn’t know about any blood pressure medications that he takes (even though we filled a form out stating all of this 6 weeks before hand) and that he would need to come in THE FOLLOWING DAY for a pre-op assessment.

So they didn’t even bother to read through our paperwork that THEY asked us to fill out stating health issues and medications, not to mention we have given permission for full access to our medical records. Now they want Will to take a day off work with less than 24 hours notice, which he will not get paid for as he is self employed, to have a pre-op assessment because they didn’t think to read through our medical notes. To say we we’re annoyed would be an understatement.

So Will arrives at the clinic at around 9am the next morning as requested by the clinic, for the receptionist to tell him that there was no appointment booked for him!
After an hour or so wait for someone to become available to talk to him, he’s seen by the fertility doctor. They go through all of his medication which shows that some of the medications he’s been taking for over a year has a HUGE impact on sperm count and quality and it’s ability to fertilise an egg!

Is this some sort of joke???

Now, he has been ordered to stop all medications but 2 that are safe and won’t affect fertility, and we now have to do 3 months again of antioxident treatment and another semen analysis before we start treatment.

What scares me is, why hadn’t they checked all this before allowing us to have treatment with them? If Will hadn’t of researched his medication this wouldn’t have been brought to light and we would have gone ahead with treatment, which the fertility doctor said herself would be absolutely pointless!

As a patient to them, we should be able to trust in them as healthcare professionals and I really don’t feel like that now. That sort of issue should not have been missed! This is our lives, and of course our money which could have potentially been wasted on treatment that would never have worked.

Anyway, Will has a semen analysis booked for next week to check where his sperm is at now. Then he will have another one in 3 months time to see if there is any improvement.

Will keep you all updated, hopefully next post will be more cheerful! 🙂

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