Semen Analysis RESULTS

Carrying on from my previous post, as you know Will had another semen analysis done to check where his sperm count is at after being on these medications that are not at all good for sperm count or their ability to fertilise an egg.

Well obviously we were expecting less than his latest count of 2.5 million per ml.


The results came back and they’re at 5.3 million per ml!!!

His sperm count has almost doubled since his last reading (about a year ago, around the time he started the blood pressure medications)! We couldn’t believe it! Fiiiiiiinally some good news!

Of course, this HAS to be down to those antioxident tablets. There’s no way his sperm count would have increased this much otherwise, especially whilst taking the blood pressure medication.

The plan was to then have another semen analysis done in 3 months to allow time for the blood pressure medications to come out of his system and for his sperm to regenerate, then depending on the result decide whether SSR (surgical sperm retreival) was necessary and then start treatment after that. But because of the improvement and the fact Will really needs to be taking these medications to keep his blood pressure under control, the clinic have decided to get the ball rolling and to get treatment started asap so Will can go back on these medications.
So we have our nurse planning appointment booked for March 9th to put in place our treatment plan and a starting date!

Will do another update once we’ve had our nurse planning appointment, so stay tuned!

Also for anyone who wants to know, the antioxident medication Will has been taking for his sperm are called Impryl. They can be used for both men and women too! They’re quite pricey, around £45 a month BUT very worth it!


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