A waaaay overdue update!!!

First off, sorry I haven’t posted in so long!
We have been so busy, with moving house, I got a new job as a care coordinator/supervisor (which is so different to what I’m used to!) then with all this coronavirus malarkey time has just ran away from me.

Last time I posted I was due to have an appointment to discuss our treatment plan. Well we had that appointment at the beginning of March which went really well, they were happy with all of our blood results etc. I had an internal scan as well just to make sure everything looks okay.

I was actually due on at the time, but the nurse said she couldn’t see any signs of ovulation this month 😦
That was a bit confusing for me, as whenever I have had scans when I’m due on before they can always see that I’ve ovulated.

In case any of you are wondering how you can see on a scan whether or not you’ve ovulated, depending on which ovary you ovulated from, there will be what’s called a corpus luteum on one of your ovaries. The nurses usually describe it as a cobweb. It is where you have ovulated, and it secretes the hormone progesterone to support a possible pregnancy.
Interesting huh?

Anyway, the nurse said it looks as though I hadn’t ovulated. She said my right ovary was looking polycystic.
I was like what do you mean?!?
And she said poly just means lots, and I had lots of follicles on my right ovary. (About 12) She said I probably didn’t ovulate because I have so many follicles that were all fighting against each other to produce an egg, and none of them won.
She says it’s normal for that to happen sometimes for someone my age?

Other than that, they were happy for us to commence treatment after my period arrived. I was due to start on the nasal sprays on day 21.

My period came and went, we were waiting for medication to be delivered.
Then of course they called to say treatment will be cancelled until this pandemic is all over. So that’s where we’re at, just waiting til all this blows over.

Will got laid off, and as he had only been self employed for just under 1 year he doesn’t get any pay at all. Luckily, I am still working as I’m a keyworker. So my income is our only income.

Hopefully this will all be over soon and we can all go back to some sort of normality.

Hope you’re all well!
Stay safe everyone, and I promise to update more regular!

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