Treatment has commenced!

Much earlier than we all thought too!
Thought I would atleast have a treatment free birthday this year, but I can’t moan!

I had a phone call on May 14th from clinic to ask what cycle day I was on, I was on day 20. As treatment for a fresh cycle starts on day 21, they said I could start on May 15th if I could go and pick up the nasal spray. So Will went and picked them up from Oxford on the 15th and I started them that evening, I will have to have 2 sprays twice a day for 3 weeks.

The nasal spray is different to the one I used last time. The one I used before was Buserelin, this one is called Synarel.

And let me tell you, this one is turning me into a full blown crazy woman!
Like the worst side effects I have ever experienced from any IVF medication!

When I used Buserelin the only side effects I had were night terrors and headaches.

I mean physically I’m not experiencing many side effects from Synarel other than sore boobs.
But mentally I’ve been struggling!

The rage I am getting is something else.
The smallest thing is making my blood boil.
The most minor of inconveniences is causing me to rage big time!

The sound of our dogs claws ticking on the laminet floor, Will chewing/swallowing too loudly, being hungry, the smallest amount of traffic, just people, EVERYTHING is annoying me.

I have a scan booked on June 10th, I pray I get used to this nasal spray soon and mellow out because even me being annoyed is annoying me!

Anyone else really irritable when using Synarel???

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