Egg collection

Sorry, I know this is a late update again!
I have no excuse other than being lazy.
So this is from nasal sprays right through to today which is egg collection.

I had a scan on June 2nd following about 2.5 weeks on nasal sprays to check my ovaries were sleeping and lining was thin.
Everything was as they wanted, so I was given instruction to start injections on June 4th, which just so happened to be my birthday!

So June 4th I started the menopur 600 injections. These were a bit more complicated than the gonal-f I used last time. Gonal-f comes in like a pen and all you have to do is screw a needle on, dial up the correct dosage and you’re good to go. Menopur you have to inject the solution into this bottle of powder, wait for it to dissolve then use a new needle to draw the correct dose into the syringe you’re using to inject yourself.
For anyone wondering what the difference is between gonal-f and menopur; gonal-f is just FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) on it’s own. Menopur is a blend of FSH and LH (Luteinizing Hormone) which is supposed to help produce better quality eggs.

The menopur injections weren’t as ‘nice’ to inject as gonal-f either. Needles were longer and I think less sharp. So when injecting, it was just pushing my skin instead of peircing it, which was quite painful.
Ice was a godsend!

I then had a scan on June 10th to check how my follicles were doing. They counted 26 follicles, some were too big, some too small. They decided to keep my dose the same as not many follicles were of decent size yet. They like the follicles to be at least 1.8cm before triggering for egg collection.

I had another scan June 12th where they counted 35 follicles and told me I was borderline high risk for OHSS (Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome) and depending on how many eggs are collected, they may have to freeze everything and let me have a period before doing embryo transfer to reduce risk of OHSS. They said any more than 25 eggs collected would lead to freezing all embryos and doing a FET (frozen embryo transfer) instead.
So then obviously I was worried, mostly because I’m capable somehow of worrying about absolutely nothing, but also because our fresh transfer previously was the only one that ended up with a positive pregnancy test (even though I ended up losing the pregnancy) and all our FET’s were negatives. So we were hanging onto a fresh transfer being our only hope of a winner. And also I didn’t want to end up with OHSS!

Anyway, they told me to do my trigger shot of Ovitrelle on June 13th and 20:10 ready for egg collection on June 15th at 08:10.

So this morning we were up at 6am ready to head over to Oxford.

They done all there checks then sent me off to sleep to collect whatever eggs I had and Will had the wonderful job of producing a sample!

When I came around they told me they have collected 14 eggs, which was great news!
We were okay to go ahead for a fresh embryo transfer on Saturday, yaaaaaay!

Just waiting for a call from them tomorrow on how many eggs were successfully fertilised!

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