Another waaaay over due update! (OHSS)

I have my reasons for leaving it so long…
But I will get to that later, for now I’ll pick up from where I left off.

So post embryo transfer everything seemed to be going fine, for about 4 days…

4 days past transfer I was working and began to bloat. Like, really really bloat. I had stomach ache right up under my ribs, but I had this for a few days after egg collection so just assumed it was everything still settling down.

Nope. Things just continued to get worse.

By 6dpt (days past transfer) I was in a lot of pain in my tummy and so so bloated it was painful to stand up straight or lie down.
I had read online that when showing symptoms of OHSS Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome to drink lots of lucozade/gatorade for the electrolytes and sodium. (Electrolytes to keep you hydrated and sodium to help keep the fluid in your veins where it’s supposed to be rather than leaking out into your abdomen) .
Well I drank around 3 litres of lucozade and I’d only pee’d like twice throughout the whole day and my pee was quite dark.

At around 9pm we decided to call the out of hour GP at the clinic for advise as I was in a lot of pain and concerned that I wasn’t peeing much but had drank a lot.
The GP advised I go to a&e to be checked over, so Will took me over but due to the pandemic was unable to stay with me so he dropped me off.

I had some bloods taken and they said I would have to wait an hour for the results then could probably be sent home.
Luckily a&e was quiet because I was having the most agonising stomach cramps, I was pacing around and probably looked like I was having a nervous break down (I probably was) so glad I didn’t have a large audience!

The gynae doctor called me through and said my bloods have shown that I’m really dehydrated due to all the fluid leaking out of my veins into my body, she said I would need to stay in overnight and have an ultrasound in the morning, then probably would be okay to go home.

Well, my first ever overnight hospital stay was strange!
I was in a&e waiting for a bed til 2am, then even once I was admitted to the ward we had to continue to wear face masks until covid tests came back, sleeping with a face mask on was horrid! The only bonus was being in a hospital bed meant I could sit my self right up to sleep as lying down was much too painful!

10am I the next day I had my ultrasound which showed I had lots of free fluid in my abdomen which confirmed the OHSS, I had lots more bloods taken, including a hcg test and had to wait for the Dr to come around and see me in the afternoon.

I spent the day on the bed, crying in pain and feeling sorry for myself. Also worried about the hcg test because I don’t think I felt ready to take another negative just yet. I wasn’t really able to eat anything because my stomach felt so full I felt sick all the time, and was just having sips of water to try and stay hydrated.

That afternoon the Dr came over to see me, she explained that according to the ultrasound I have moderate OHSS but my blood results tip me into severe because my electrolytes, sodium, proteins etc were all depleted. And because of all the fluid leaking into my body this made my blood very thick and sticky so I had to start on Fragmin injections (blood thinners) which feel like you’re being injected with fire btw!!!

I just burst into tears, good job I had a face mask on because I was definitely ugly crying!

But there was a positive, literally, I was PREGNANT!
I’d spoken to the clinic as they wanted an update, they told me it was highly likely I was pregnant as OHSS symptoms are usually brought on by the hcg hormone, so urged me to take a test.
Will bought me a test over and I went back up to the ward to take it, and straight away it showed up positive!
I couldn’t believe it!
I facetimed Will straight away and we both cried it seemed so surreal!
Blood tests confirmed the pregnancy, my beta came back at 187!
I was so shocked, we weren’t meant to test til Wednesday and it was only Saturday, 7dpt! Though overjoyed and nervous and scared and anxious and everything else because worrying is just what I do.

A strong positive!!!

Because of my bloods they had to keep me in again and was told I had to pee into a cardboard tray everytime I go so they can measure how much I’m drinking and how much is coming back out. They were also weighing me and measuring the girth of my tummy daily. Oh and I had to wear those lovely green stockings to prevent blood clots!

That evening I had started to get chest pain under my left rib.
The Dr came to see me and said I would need to have a chest x-ray to make sure I didn’t have a blood clot on my lungs, as OHSS puts you at a higher risk of blood clots.
They said they would ensure none of the radiation of the x-ray would be directed at my tummy, as x-rays aren’t advised during pregnancy.

At midnight I was woken up for the x-ray, then went back up to the ward.
I was then woken up at 4am by the Dr who said my x-ray showed there was no sign of a blood clot on my lung but she was still concerned about my chest pain. She tooks lots more bloods from me to check if I would test positive for a blood clot (apparently they can check your blood for the likelihood of a blood clot) and then come back to see me in the morning.

Well in the morning the nurse woke me up to tell me she needed to canulate me ready for a CT scan.
I was like noooo I can’t have a CT I’m pregnant and I haven’t heard anything about this.
She told me she would ask the Dr to come and see me before she puts a cannula in.
About an hour later the Dr came and said my bloods came back positive for a potential blood clot (but she said that could be because I’m pregnant) so I needed to have a CT scan to make sure I don’t. If I don’t have the CT scan she said I could end up having a stroke! She also said the radiation is a risk to the pregnancy, but it’s no more than flying to Australia which some people do at this stage in pregnancy, they would also sheild my tummy to help protect the embryo(s) from any radiation damage.
I was so upset that I was going through this whilst just finding out I was pregnant but knew I just had to roll with it and hope that it would all be worth it.

On a positive note my hcg levels had risen to 297 in less than 48 hours, yaaaaay!

I had the CT scan, which is sooooo strange! Everything goes hot and it feels like you’re peeing yourself!
I seen the Dr who said there are no blood clots (thank god) but I do have lots of fluid in my tummy which has now gone onto my left lung, which is what’s causing me the pain.

So not great news, but at least no blood clots!

Anyway, this has dragged on waaaay too long so I’ll try speed it up.
I stayed in another night for monitoring and my weight and girth of my tummy stayed the same. They were happy that as long as I wasn’t getting worse I could go home to recover.
They signed me off work for 3 weeks and said I need to continue the fragmin injections until the 12th week of pregnancy.

See my next post for an update on going home.

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