Coming home from hospital

Oh I was so glad to be going home!
Mostly because I really needed to catch up on sleep, hospitals are very noisy places!
But also because I wanted to see a familiar face! I wasn’t allowed any visitors in hospital due to the pandemic so it was very lonely!

My mum picked me up and took me back with her and Will picked me up when he finished work and we went home.

It was good to be home!

I got straight into bed, propped myself right up with lots of pillows, put netflix on and fell straight to sleep.

That is until about 11pm when I woke up and had stomach cramps that were absolute agony at the top of my stomach!

I called my mum for help because she always knows what I should do, I’d already had gaviscon which wasn’t working. She told me to get on all fours on the floor and fully relax my stomach and see if that helps to ease it.

I got on the floor and was crying in agony, Will was telling me he’s taking me back to hospital and I was like WAIT JUST WAIT, I did not want to go back there unless I really had to.

After around 10 minutes of being on the floor in all sorts of strange postitions the cramps did subside and oh my god I was so relieved for it to have gone away.

No lie that was probably one of the most painful experiences I’ve ever had!

I continued to have cramps until my stomach went down a lot, but that night was by far the worst!

I spent every day at my mums and dads house whilst Will worked so I didn’t have to be on my own, just taking a few steps was such an effort. I was still struggling to stand up straight because of the pain and wasn’t eating very much, but I did start to slowly improve and by the week after I was able to walk standing upright and was eating much better.

Though only recently have I been able to lie down and sleep on my side without any pain. It took a really long time for things to settle, but Dr’s said they would!

All I hope is that it will all be worth it!

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