Leading up to the 7 week scan

God being pregnant is stressful!
Especially an IVF pregnancy! After 3 failures I felt like I was just waiting for something to go wrong all the time!
I took test after test after test because I would convince myself daily that I wasn’t pregnant anymore and the progesterone pessaries was just stopping me from coming on my period.

Sure enough each test was positive, but that would only ease my mind for a few hours! And if I compared the test to older ones and it wasn’t considerably darker I would convince myself it was all going wrong, god I wish I could have just slept right through til the 7 week scan! I was driving everyone around me crazy, let alone myself!

In regards to symptoms, I didn’t really have many.
Which was also making me panic, obviously!
I felt a little more tired than usual, and had gone off sweet food, but other than that I felt pretty normal!

Only our family members and closest friends (who knew about IVF) knew that I was pregnant, and of course my work!

Anyway, about a decade later scan day came…
Read my next post to see what happened!

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