What happened between 7 and 9 weeks

Well obviously I worried the whole time and had times where I convinced myself the twins weren’t alive anymore.

The 7th week seems to be the only time I really experienced proper ‘pregnancy’ symptoms.

I felt really sick this week, with the urge to throw up, I didn’t, but thought I might a few times! I still have an aversion to sweet food, though it’s really strong now. Just even looking at cake would make me want to gag! This was really reassuring and probably the only week I felt ‘safe’ because of the symptoms I had.

Once I reached 8 weeks my symptoms eased off again to pretty much nothing, I’d read everywhere that twin pregnancies usually cause much more extreme pregnancy symptoms, but I was feeling fine so of course that made me worry again.

And I had to stop the pessaries now, so I was worried that I would come on my period and it would all be over. It all just felt to good to be true that I was still just waiting for something to go wrong. I desperately want to be able to enjoy this pregnancy but I just can’t seem to stop worrying!

I’m a bundle of joy I know!

Sure enough, I didn’t come on my period and finally the scan came around at 9 weeks 5 days.
Read the next post to see how I got on…

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