My god, we’re finally having our 12 week scan at 12+2 – August 26th.

Our scan was at 08.10am at our local hospital. It was a really long scan too! They had to measure the skin fold at the back of their necks to check the risk of them having downs syndrome. Well the scan picture with the one lying upside down – yeah he/she did not want to sit still at all. Was doing somersaults, curling up in a ball then stretching out, turning his/her back on us! The lady scanning me kept jabbing the scanner into my belly to try to encourage the baby to move but it wasn’t working, then I had to lift my hips and shake from side to side to encourage the baby to move. We got there in the end, the lady scanning me had a lot of patience!

They were both really well and skin folds were measuring normal at 1.7mm.
They say anything at 3mm or over may mean they are at high risk of having downs syndrome.

I then had to have lots of bloods taken to check for the risk of downs syndrome, Edwards syndrome and Patau’s syndrome. Obviously we need to wait about a week for these results! Also bloods for a full blood count, makre sure my iron levels etc are all okay as apparently it’s common to be anaemic when pregnant with twins!

We announce it on social media today too, I would have been happy to wait a bit longer personally, but Will was far too excited and couldn’t wait.
Though we had so many lovely comments and well wishes, I am glad it’s common knowledge now!

I have also FINALLY finished those horrible fragmin injections!

I absolutely hated them, and they hurt so much!

I have now changed over to aspirin tablets, the consultant said I need to go on these to reduce my risk of dedveloping preeclamspia later in pregnancy, as I am at a higher risk of that due to having twins!

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