Pregnancy symptoms during first trimester

I have been so so so lucky so far in this pregnancy in regards to symptoms!
I have read it’s really common to suffer more with morning sickness, fatigue etc in a twin pregnancy more than you would with a singleton.

But I genuinely have had no real sickness what so ever. I haven’t actually threw up once throughout this pregnancy yet, and I will be 14 weeks on Monday!

So lets go from the very start –

4 – 7 weeks
I just felt more sleepy than usual, though nothing dramatic. And the fatigue may have also had something do with being unwell/recovering from ohss so I can’t pin all the tiredness to pregnancy.
I also had A LOT of cramping. Which made me so so nervous, I felt like I was going to bleed at any time and it would all be game over. This was the scariest time and mentally I struggled, I was just so scared and even convinced it would all go wrong. I spent all my time on google reading through forums searching for some reassurance! I had seen failure 3 times previously and now that I was finally really pregnant it felt all that more scary to lose it all. I kept taking pregnancy tests and digitals in an attempt to reassure myself and checking line progression – which sometimes helped til the next day or my next cramp!

At 7 weeks we had our first scan at the IVF clinic, which reassured me so much (though not for long).

7-9 weeks
I felt nauseous quite a lot, but only with foods! I had really strong food aversions and went off anything and everything sweet! Even looking at cake or chocolate made me want to gag!
Also foods tasted different, I usually love broccoli but that made me feel really sick. I was eating cottage pie one night and the taste almost made me sick, which is a meal I would usually love!
I had also been really bloated come the evenings by 8 weeks, I looked pregnant but it definitely wasn’t a baby belly it was just bloating and the amount of food I’d eaten!
The most draining symptom I have had is being starving aaaaall the time, especially whilst being so picky! Like I’m hungry but everything is making me feel sick!

Weeks 9 – 13
All my symptoms settled gradually, even though I didn’t have much in the first place! The only thing that hasn’t really gone away is the bloating and the constant hunger.
The nausea has completely gone away, and although I’m still not all that keen on sweet food it doesn’t make me gag now. I have eaten the odd piece of chocolate/cake but don’t eat it anywhere near as much as I used to, I just don’t fancy it.
The only things that make me gag now are brushing my teeth and horrible smells! Sorry but I can’t even deal with the food waste bin. It’s a no from me.
I still haven’t been sick, but if I was it would be because of these not because I feel sick.

My newest symtpoms have been a craving for sour foods, unripe blackberries are my favourite! Also roast potatoes and graaaaavy!
Also shortness of breath/no energy.
I literally can’t do anything at all without getting out of breath. Just standing up off the sofa makes me out of breath, drying my hair the other day I had to stop and lie on the bed cause I felt so out of breath and energy!

But honestly, other than the lack of energy when I do anything, I feel absolutely fine!
I’ve been having lots of stretching/growing pains this week.
We also got given a doppler by my sister-in-law and we’ve been listening to their heartbeats every night, which is hugely reassuring when I’m worried about the pain I’m having. I also just love to hear them and use it even if I’m not worried!

Also I have actually lost half a stone during the first trimester to my surprise!
Considering I have had no sickness and have been constantly hungry, I have lost weight. Though I read online that apparently in a twin pregnancy you can lose weight in the first trimester because your body is working so hard to grow the babies and their placentas!

Will update again after I have seen the consultant on Monday!

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