At the start of pregnancy I was convinced I was carrying 2 boys. I had multiple dreams of carrying 2 boys and having 2 baby boys, so I was completely convinced.

We always said we don’t mind what we have, as long as they’re both healthy that’s all that matters. We just really wanted to know, I think it’s so hard to prepare for having 2 babies not knowing their genders!

At 16+5 we paid for a private scan, we couldn’t wait until our 20 week scan.
Plus it meant I got to see them again so it was a good excuse to have a scan!

Unfortunately because of coronavirus we weren’t able to have a gender reveal party or anything 😦

As the sonographer was having a look at twin 1, we guessed it straight away.
There was no mistaking that twin 1 is a BOY <3.

When she started scanning twin 2, I felt a bit scared. I just kept thinking ‘I hope this one’s a girl’. I just thought it would be the perfect outcome and that would be IVF over and done with. Because I think if I was to have 2 boys I would always want to try again for a girl, I have always wanted a girl!

And well what do you know?
Twin 2 is a GIRL <3!

The most amazing outcome for us.

Just perfect. Such precious little babies and we feel so blessed to be having one of each!

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