20 week scan + movements!

Look at those adorable little toes!!!

I was so nervous for this scan! I’ve always seen the 20 week scan as the scariest one. Just because if there is something wrong, now is likely to be when they find it, and obviously with it being an IVF pregnancy we’re at higher risk for there to be anomolies found.

The scan took quite a while and was really in depth. They had a good look at everything, from all there organs, the placenta and blood flow, to the fluid surrounding them. Everything.
Thank the lord the sonographer and my consultant was happy with the twins growth and their health! I felt so reasssured to get past the 20 week scan with no concerns/issues found, I might finally be able to relax a little and enjoy this pregnancy now!

Well, probably not, but we can dream.

Anyway, the most exciting milestone throughout this pregnancy. The best one of all.
I felt them move ❤
I was 17+2 and using the doppler when I saw a tiny little flick on my stomach. Initially I didn’t think anything of it, but then it happened again and I felt it inside. Like a little bubble popping. Oh my when I tell you I damn near cried! Once I had felt and seen them move this was all I wanted to do. All day, everyday, just sit and watch my belly and concentrate on their movements. Such an amazing, surreal feeling that I know I will miss so much when they are here.

Bumpdate ❤

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