34 week scan update

Our 34 week scan showed both babies weights are on the low side. Baby boys estimated weight was 3lb 6 and baby girls was 3lb 8. So they were both starting to slow down in regards to weight gain.

They had also noticed that baby girls abdominal circumferance had dropped off a little. When I saw the midwife after my scan, she explained this may be a concern as it can mean that the baby is struggling and prioritising the brain rather than the weight gain.

Obviously this made me panic!

She went away to discuss my scan with a consultant and were indecisive about what to do. They were going to send me into hospital for further checks (not sure what further checks meant), but they then decided that going from my previous scan both babies were still gaining weight. Just very slowly.

So the plan is to continue as we are, with another scan at 36 weeks to check their growth again.

I came away not feeling very reassured. But trusted they know what they’re doing and to just continue to be mindful of their movements.

We didn’t get any pictures printed this time, not that you can see what’s what anymore anyway!

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