A little scare…

So, we had a growth scan at 32 weeks which showed baby boy was starting to slow down on the weight gain a little. They weren’t too concerned at this stage. They asked me about their movements. I said that they are usually active but they do have quiet days sometimes. My midwife told me there is no such thing as a quiet day, babies should be moving around the same amount each day and as soon as I notice they’re quiet I should be calling them and going in to be monitored.

So this scared me a little I think, and made me then overthink their movements entirely. I felt like all I could do was focus on them and their movements and was questioning whether the amount of movement was normal for them or not. Especially with baby boy’s weight gain having slowed, this made me even more vigilant on their movements.

At 33+4 on January 22nd, I noticed when I woke up that morning that they were being a little ‘quiet’. They are usually quite active first thing in the morning so I knew straight away I needed to pay attention to them today. But not much changed all day, I had definitely felt movement, more so movements on my left where baby boy is, but no where near as much as usual and I definitely couldn’t feel any movements from baby girl that I could make out.

I decided once I had tea to sit quietly and give them a chance to perk up, this is another time of day when they’re usually very active. But still not uch movement at all. I rang the maternity unit at the hospital who told me to come in for monitoring.

For about an hour they were struggling to find 2 different heartbeats. It just kept flashing up as coincidence on the screen, saying the heartbeats were identical and cannot confirm there are 2 seperate heart beats. We were so genuinely worried, my mind started to go into overdrive and I began thinking the worst.

Luckily, they eventually decided to scan me to find both heartbeats and thank god they were both beating away! Baby girl was just in a different position to what we thought and that was why we were struggling to pick it up.

We stayed and were monitored for a while, and of course the movements then began to pick up. Whether it was my adrenaline when they couldn’t find 2 heartbeats I dont know, but it just seems so typical to spend all day having reduced movement, then going in ot be monitored and they then decide to wake up!

Either way, the most important this is they were okay and happy with the monitoring. We were then sent home. They decided to move our next scan forward to 34 weeks instead of 36 to monitor their growth more closely.

This was of course after they found 2 seperate heart beats and we knew everything was okay! We were not smiling before lol.

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