Admitted to hospital

So at 34+4 I noticed again that movements were very quiet. This time from both babies, I wasn’t feeling much of anything. I had felt the odd subtle movement here and there, but that was it. Definitely nothing like their usual movements.

As soon as Will got home from work we went straight in, with their weights being low I was more nervous than last time.
Though a part of me felt a bit silly! I kept thinking to myself that it will just be typical that I go in there, they both start moving and CTG is fine and then I look like a drama queen!
At the same time, I knew I was doing the right thing, which is exactly what I have been told to do. I wasn’t prepared to just leave it and take the risk. I would never forgive myself if something was wrong and I didn’t do anything about it.

Again, they monitored me for a while. But movements still hadn’t picked up at all. They were still very quiet. It was reassuring that the CTG showed 2 seperate heartbeats. But becuase the movements were still very quiet, they decided I should stay in for monitoring overnight and in the morning, along with a scan in the morning to check the blood flow to the babies.

So I had to stay in 😦

They also chose to give me steroid injections (dexamethasone) to mature the babies lungs, just in case they do need to come out early.
And these injections are SO painful!
I had 1 in each thigh, 12 hours apart and it feels like it sends your whole leg into cramp. Not pleasant!

Well the overnight stay wasn’t the best of course, due to covid I had to keep my mask on until my swab results were back, and hospitals in general are really noisy. It’s just not possible to get a good night sleep in there, even though I was in a side room!
And it was like an absolute sauna in there, never been so hot and sweaty in all my life!

Anyway, I had a scan in the morning from one of the consultants who specialises in high risk pregnancies and complex cases, as well as twin pregnancies. He was really happy with the scan, they have both gained some weight again. Estimated weight for baby boy was 4lb 1 and baby girl was 4lb 3, which is amazing! So reassuring!
He also said that baby girl has moved head down! I cannot believe it! This whole pregnancy she has been breech and he was head down. Now he is breech and she is head down! I don’t know how she found the room to move but she did, somehow!

Once we had the scan and they were happy with their blood flow and weight gain I was discharged again, with the plan to see the consultant on Monday 1st of Feb, then another growth scan on Monday 8th of Feb.

Hopefully I won’t have any more reduced movement from here on and I can enjoy these final weeks of pregnancy, stress free.

Bumpdate ❤

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