Hello third trimester!

Can’t believe I’m sat here writing this to be honest!
Third trimester!
28 weeks pregnant, with twins!

I don’t think it will ever fully sink in until they’re actually here!

What’s been happening…

So from 20 weeks I have been seeing my consultant or midwife alternately every 2 weeks, with a growth scan every 4 weeks. We have to do this because twin pregnancies are higher risk because of the strain it has on the mothers body, also to make sure there isn’t a greedy twin taking all the goods and leaving the other without. Though we’re at lower risk for a greedy twin as they both have their own placentas. So far they’ve been happy with the twins growth and movements are definitely getting stronger.

I have found I have struggled a lot with breathlessness, and it seems to be aaaaall the time! No matter what I’m doing I always feels as though I’m not getting enough oxygen, which is horrible! I mentioned this to my consultant who done some bloods which showed my iron levels had dropped a little again since last time, even though I am taking iron tablets twice a day. Because of this, and the fact I am symptomatic she decided for me to have an iron infusion. I have to say it has definitely helped, I still do feel a little breathless but it’s not as debilitating as it was.

Round ligament pain has settled down now which is loooovely! Nice not to feel like I have a permanent stitch!

And now all I do is eat, and eat, and eat. Then eat some more. I’m an absolute pig.

I have to say though, I love being pregnant! I love watching my belly grow, I love feeling them move, I just love everything about it, the nice and the unpleasant symptoms. I know that it’s unlikely I will ever experience this again, so I am just embracing it all and cherishing every moment.

Bumpdate ❤

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