Embryo transfer no.2

June 13th came around and we were sat waiting to be called through to have a frozen embryo transfered. It was much easier for me to have a full bladder this time without the pain from stimulating and egg collection, however I think I was a bit toooooo keen on having a full bladder becauseContinue reading “Embryo transfer no.2”

Internal scans and my side effects to medications.

May 31st we went for an internal scan to measure the lining of my womb. The scan showed I was measuring just under the required 8mm at 7.6mm, so they decided to double my dose of oestrogen tablets from 6mg a day to 12mg and booked another scan for June 7th. Those oestrogen tablets madeContinue reading “Internal scans and my side effects to medications.”

Starting our 2nd cycle

On May 23rd, my third period finally arrived. A week late but never mind! Which means we start treatment again! Little bit different this time around, as I have some frozen embryo’s I don’t need to stimulate again. So on day 2 of my period, I start on injections. These are similar to the nasalContinue reading “Starting our 2nd cycle”

In the meantime…

Over the next 2 months we took time to just relax and go back to enjoying life a little. It’s not until you stop and take a breath that you realise just how stressed and fixated you’ve been! I forgot what it was like to not think about IVF! When the clinic told us weContinue reading “In the meantime…”

Follow up appointment and what will happen next…

I had my period, we were down in the dumps for a few days, then we picked ourselves back up. We still had 2 more cycles funded, and 2 embryos frozen. Which meant that I probably wouldn’t need to stimulate again (YES!). So we tried to remain positive and looked forward to our next cycle.Continue reading “Follow up appointment and what will happen next…”

Bad luck found us…

Over the next 2 days I continued spotting, but tried not to worry too much about it and just tried to feel happy that we were pregnant! After all, I didn’t have any cramping or anything. Everything else felt just fine. 2 days after our positive pregnancy test, I was on a 12 hour shiftContinue reading “Bad luck found us…”